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Too often trans women are berated on our appearance or told that we're ugly. Those of us that blend in are often treated with such endearing phrases as "BUT you're so pretty, how can you be trans? Fuck yeah cute trans chicks dedicates itself to showing that our cuteness and sexiness does not match cisgender expectations and those expectations can fuck right off. This is not a trans advice blog for cisgender people. Please direct questions about trans issues elsewhere.

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This blog showcases the cuteness of camab gender existent people who face transmisogyny. We do accept submissions from non-binary folks as long as they are camab and face transmisogyny. We do not accept any cafab submissions. My blog is mcsquigly. Top left picture is of a girl with curly brown hair, middle top is a girl wearing a green shirt and short brown hair and glasses.

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Top right is a girl with long straight brown hair, wearing a dark shirt. Left middle is a girl with reddish brown hair wearing a blue cap, middle middle is a girl with the hoodie and long brown hair tied back, middle right is a girl with necklength brown hair wearing a purple halter top. Bottom left is a girl with necklength blond straight hair in a red shirt, middle bottom is a girl with dirty blond shoulder length hair and a dark jacket with a red light scarf. Bottom right is a girl with necklength blond hair, her clothing is not visible behind the ].

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She has glasses and hoop earrings, as well as a crystal pendant necklace. Question: When will the next update come? On my way to the first BBQ of the year : - Lisa - [image: upper body shot of a woman with long brown wavy hair, wearing a v cut top or dress and gold earrings].

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Bottom right is a girl with necklength blond hair, her clothing is not visible behind the ] [The video goes to an external site that is not tumblr or fyctc and has not been checked or transcribed by our admins]. Embrace your inner futch [upper body shot of a girl wearing a backwards cap over brown necklength hair with blond tips.

Trans girl tumblr

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