Playing doctor fetish

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Wearing this and even just talking about this will make up the scene for emotional and sexual passion. Sexy nurse costume.

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Medi-Kink: Wanna Play Doctor? We at SexIs do not condone or condemn this type of play.

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However, medical play can be extremely dangerous, and should not be attempted without exhaustive research and an expert on hand. Medical fetishism is just what it sounds like: a fetish for things of a medical nature. This ranges from a lust for those of the medical profession to full on exams.

Some subsets of this fetish are rectal fetish, gyno-fetish, and even abasiophilia the attraction to those who are mobility impaired, i. Usually these fetishes are played out in medical scene role play. It's quite simply the very adult version of 'playing doctor. In most cases medical fetish, in all its varieties, is used as a form of foreplay for a sexual experience. Sometimes the role-players may choose to completely forfeit the sexual practices from the session and instead focus solely on the medical examination and procedure portion.

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For them this means no direct genital or erogenous stimulation or release for either partner. They instead seek out their pleasure through the acts of being examined, catheterized, or in some cases having incisions made. Medical fetishism is more than just watching medical porn or wanting to boff your doctor, though. There are many different forms of this kind role play, some, that for the people involved, can be very therapeutic. For example, apotemnophila, the love of amputees, is a kind of medical fetish which can help make those who have suffered the loss of a limb feel desirable and beautiful.

The same is true for those with scars or living their lives in wheel chairs.

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This form of kink can be as helpful to them as a hug from a lover may be to you. Now that you have some idea about what medical fetishism is and who might choose to participate in this kind of role play, it's time to learn about what they do and what tools they use. First off, to set the scene a medical fetishist might make use of some costumes. These range from the naughty nurse and a doctor's coat or scrubs, to patient gowns and even straight jackets should the person wish to try an asylum scene.

Accessories that might be used are latex gloves, surgical masks, oxygen and gas masks, and sometimes various forms of braces. Braces can include neck corsets and braces, leg braces, and metal finger and hand restraints.

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Playing doctor fetish

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