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This is not done over and over again, it is done once in an attempt to help labor along. Yes, having an enema once in a while to address constipation is probably safe 6 months Tepid warm tap water is the suggested solution ONLY for a situation of constipation that occurs occasionally. Ask your health professional whether there are specific health reasons why you should or should not use enemas. Enemas are certainly not rare behaviors given the extraordinary of websites out there dedicated to "colon health".

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All of the muscular contractions that happen are both to move stool along, as well as maximize the contact of the surface absorption of the colon little soft fingers of absorption cells with the liquid stool. By the time stool gets to the colon on the left side of a healthy body, the stool is moist and formed into loose clumps. Movement into the rectum triggers a neurologic awareness of the need to evacuate the bowels, so normally the rectum does not have stool waiting inside.

Indications for using an enema are: constipation usually normal transit constipationor for diagnostic bowel prep for further tests, surgery or medical procedures. However there are known problems with enemas. Having an enema can:. The colon should have long fronds of delicate enema pleasures projections with a protective coating of mucus. Your colon may also forget how to function because chronic enemas play tricks with the brain.

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When we feel stretch of the rectum, the neurologic response is supposed to be to expel stool. But with chronic enema use, our nerve cells have been retrained to hold it in instead of expelling it. Since expelling is what the colon is supposed to do in response to stretch, people lose their ability to poop. Beyond those concerns, the increased permeability is really a problem. Someone is planning to have anal sex The delicate cells rip off the cells on the lining of the colon, and increase the permeability. So if you are hoping to clean yourself out and make anal play safer, you are instead increasing your risk for sexually transmitted infections by harming your body.

The enthusiasm for this practice is mentally reinforcing, since evacuation is a neurologically reinforced event. Humans function best when their microbiome the bacteria that live with and inside of us enema pleasures healthy, and enemas do not improve bacterial health. Barriers, lube, lots of enema pleasures, time, patience and high arousal is the key to successful, enjoyable, pleasurable anal play. Enemas don't improve anal play. Shopping Cart. Dear Dr. Short answer: Yes, having an enema once in a while to address constipation is probably safe 6 months And now for the boring reality.

The question I ask, is why are you using an enema prior to sex. Are you worried that the genitals are too dirty to touch? Are you specifically thinking that you will clean out the rectum prior to anal sex, and that by using an enema, everything will be safer? Are you responding to neurological reinforcement that evacuating the bowels feels good?

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How the colon works. Reasons to use enemas. How enemas can negatively impact anal penetration. Do No Harm. But but but Bottom line: Barriers, lube, lots of lube, time, patience and high arousal is the key to successful, enjoyable, pleasurable anal play. Related Articles:. Anal Sex Guidelines. Related Products:.

Enema pleasures

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