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Now, to understand what perversions I am talking about and to give you a decent image of wickr girls happened I will tell you a bit about myself. I am tall with blue eyes and a shaved head with a fit body and an insatiable libido, lusting for all sorts of twisted and depraved acts and it has always been a fantasy of mine to fuck a mother and daughter at the same time, especially the idea of having a little girl suck my cock as her mother looks on, giving instructions.

Now Cindy, as it turns out, had a daughter and was looking for a man that lived within proximity of her and would like to fuck her little girl. Cindy was beautiful! The kind of beauty that makes most guys think they will never have a chance and women take a heavy blow to their esteem. Pitch black hair with dark eyes and a pixie like face with full lips and a button nose, but somehow achieving model level beauty instead of just being cute. Her daughter was an exact miniature wickr girls of her mother but without the tattoos and piercings.

Of course, I also sent her photos of myself too, at her request. As we continued our online exchange our photos became more daring and as a result I was soon receiving photos and video clips of Cindy and her daughter in some very erotic states.

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I was so horny from all this that I suggested we meet up as I would wickr girls to the two of them and, amazingly, Cindy agreed and we made arrangements to meet up later that week for lunch at a restaurant in a mall we both knew. Now that was torture, sitting at the restaurant waiting for Cindy and Jules to arrive, wondering if this situation was real….

To my delight however, Cindy arrived just ten minutes after I sat down, with Jules walking nervously behind her as she made her way to me. Dressed to match, the two both were dressed in black plaid skirts and red tube tops.

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Their beauty was unbelievable, and this situation was made even more unbelievable by the fact that this mother was an absolute sexual deviant that wanted to have me fuck her and her daughter. We greeted each other, and I was able to hear their voices for the first time which were both musically husky and, embarrassingly, caused me to start growing an erection right there in the restaurant. The both sat and just as the waiter came over to attend to us, I felt something rubbing up my leg and looking down, saw that Cindy had kicked her shoe off under the table and was now stroking her bare foot up my leg until it reached my crotch Softly, she kneaded my hard cock through me pants with her foot as she smiled at the oblivious waiter and placed her order for some drinks and something lite to eat while Jules ordered a milkshake and burger.

We chatted, drank our drinks and ate, all the while Cindy used her foot to keep me rock hard throughout lunch, until finally it was over and we made our way out to the parking, Cindy smiled at me as she hooked her wickr girls in mine and watched little Jules skipping ahead of us.

Pulling straight, I swore and glanced back at the giggling girl who had her little skirt hiked up her around her waist with her legs spread and giving me an unobstructed view of her little pussy as she worked a finger in and out of her tiny hole. Not sure how Wickr girls managed to follow Cindy back to her house with the little minx masturbating next to me the whole way, but we eventually pulled into a driveway and I pulled up and parked at the house. No sooner had I unlocked the doors, then wickr girls Jules jumped out the car, leaving her panties on the passenger seat.

I decided to leave them there and got out my car, following the girl as she ran up to her mother who scooped her up into her arms. As I ed them under the carport, without any hesitation, Cindy reached across with one hand, her other holding Jules, and hooked it round my heading, bringing me down into a passionate kiss.

Our kiss lasted a long while and the whole time I heard Jules giggling in the background. Eventually we broke apart, breathless.

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Cindy glanced at her giggling daughter. It helped that Cindy was so forceful and would push and reposition her daughter to adjust to my hard cock. Ultimately though, I only got about half my cock inside little Jules but happily fucked her as her mother talked dirty to us.

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A cock in your little cunt. Does it feel good. Does it baby. I know Knight here is feeling good. Wickr girls at him fuck your little cunt. His going to make you pregnant, and give birth to his baby. Do you want that. Mommy wants that. A little granbaby to play with. When Cindy realized I was cumming inside her daughter she quickly pulled the girl off my cock and sank down to her knees in front of me while still holding Jules in the same position, letting my cum shoot all over her and her daughters faces.

Cindy on the other hand, happily opened her mouth and wickr girls out her tongue, trying to catch as much of the cum as she could in her mouth. Once spent, I looked down at the mother and daughter below me, coved in my jizz and smiled.

Jules was still trying to get away but Cindy chided her and made her stand in front of her as she used her fingers to wipe the cum off both their faces. Do it. Good girl, now swallow. Yes good. It makes them feel loved. Cindy stood back up and smiled proudly down at her daughter as she gobbled up as much of my cock as could fit inside her tiny mouth.

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Wickr girls

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