Erotic bed and breakfast

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Bed and breakfast inns are popular lodging choices in which you stay overnight in a private home and then get served a special breakfast the next morning.

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Meet the next generation of vacation lodging, a fetish bed and breakfast. A fetish bed and breakfastalso called a bondage and breakfast, is a space you can rent that includes a sex dungeon to explore your deepest fantasies.

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Rather than hoping for privacy in a hotel room, you can know that you will enjoy the privacy of an entire apartment that is completely furnished for erotic entertainment. KinkBnB offers listings for specialty lodging around the world.

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Most are private, and rent to couples, or even a threesome. The dungeon includes a real jail cell, cross, stocks, a spanking bench, and much more. The living area is furnished with regular furniture, including two luxurious queen size beds for relaxing aftercare. Additionally, it has a leather swing, a metal cage and massage table.

You will also have access to some unique equipment, such as chastity devices, bondage gear, including straight jackets and collars, and a violet wand.

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The best locations will also include lube and other items that relate to your weekend. All you need to pack is some clothes, and maybe even your favorite toy, for your erotic getaway. When you arrive at the location, you may get a full tour.

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The hosts will discuss safe play with you and your partner, outlining basic rules that you will likely already know, but are important to repeat. These will be ideas such as the importance of having the key for any lock before you close it. Consent may be discussed, as it is the foundation of healthy kinky sex.

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You should think about safe words, and how to recognize when your partner might be in distress from being tied up, for example. Following your tour, the hosts will leave you alone to enjoy your privacy. However, they may be available for questions or directions on where to get dinner or other local activities you might enjoy. The next morning, you can enjoy a meal. Some hosts will offer a tray that can be left at your room, but it can be enlightening to enjoy a morning meal with your hosts.

Couples are starting to talk about their own preferences and fantasies, and many vanilla couples stay to kick up their relationship. Once you leave, your hosts spend two to three hours cleaning up and sanitizing the equipment. You can rest assured that facility owners want to make sure that guests show up to a meticulously clean space. Make your reservations for a private weekend with your loved one today. Categorised in: Fetish Room And Board.

Erotic bed and breakfast

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