Sexy teen thread

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naughty woman Annabelle

Search Advanced…. Thread starter Favonius Cornelius Start date Jun 4, Status Not open for further replies. Favonius Cornelius Member. Jun 4, 38 61 18 The Empire. Try Greek. Reactions: Ibarruri. ThaBadMan Well-known member. May 28, 93 30 Norway. I raise you a Norwegian. Speznat Well-known member.

May 28, 93 Tindrem. Reactions: Favonius Cornelius and Ibarruri. Reactions: Rhias and Ibarruri. Ibarruri Well-known member. May 28, 63 Meduli. ThaBadMan said:. Reactions: ThaBadMan.

stunner ladies Ruby

Following the trend. Lucifer Member. May 31, 42 7 8. Yeah soldier girls are pretty up until they get shot in the face while doing their make up. Last edited: Jun 5, Neftan Well-known member.

passionate biatch Madilynn

May 28, 63 My Mind. As much as i can appriciate the female and male tbh form, I really had hoped this thread would not make a return. It is rather juvenile and objectifying. Reactions: Chalice and Speznat. Neftan said:. This just in: These girls dont mind "objectification" aparantly.

Reactions: Speznat. How is admiring beauty objectifying?

tight milf Paris

We are not calling them boxes, knives or some other object Reactions: Najwalaylah and Speznat. Posting images of scantily clad women among comments such as "send her to my castle" may be fun and lined with comradery, but don't try to skew it as appreciating beauty.

white girl Alayah

While that, on a technicality, may be right, it does not stop it from being objectifying. And, well, gross. I doubt many women would see activity in this thread and think "wow, a man of culture, how flattering", I imagine most would grimace and turn away thinking about how gross it is. Sexy teen thread at least a "boys will be boys" sentiment, which in itself is a problem. I am not really a 'feminist' as the media portrays it, but this kind of content I do see as foolish yes. Only teenagers or people who won't mature enjoy this with no inhibition.

Thre like this should be banned on a public forum. You have your websites dedicated to this sort of thing, and you have private discords. Allowing such content to bustle on the front of the official site just helps label the community as juvenile. Reactions: Najwalaylah. If women didnt want to be "objectified" as you say. Why are they posting thousands of thousands of pictures of themselves for the world to see? Scantily clad as you say?

Just because you sexy teen thread brainwashed by whamen with a agenda to make men well feminised doesnt mean the rest of us have to follow your suit. The women wanting to be objectified arguement is small minded and washed out.

Do minorities wish to be treated terrible because some criminals exist within them? Same difference. There will always be people regardless of sex that want to be objectified, glorified, appreciated, yes, but that does not pass a general rule that we should all do it and not think about the the resounding side effects it has on those it reaches. Leave it to neftan to ruin a perfectly good post people are enjoying instead of just moving on to a post he enjoys like a decent person.

black girl Hazel

Right and that is why I dont run around irl taking pictures of women against their will and post it in here or on the internet. Yes minorities that turn to crime do want what is coming for them if thats what you mean, just like any criminal no matter if minority or not. Reactions: KavuNajwalaylahChalice and 1 other person. Show hidden low quality content. Top Bottom.

Sexy teen thread

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