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Top definition. A threesome involving two men and one woman. There are several options for who actually has sex with whom: 1 the woman in the middle; 2 one of the men in the middle; 3 everyone has sex with both the others. Jul 24 Word of the Day. Threesome involving 1 female and 2 men. The letter order represent who has sex with who. In this case one man in the middle. He has sex mmf play both the female and male partner.

This is the correct definition. I have had a threesome with two men but it was mfm.

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I want to try it mmf. I want my ol man to fuck the other guy while that guy fucks me. The men are most likely bisexual. Theres a hot new MMF video on that website. MMF is when 2 males and one female have sex in 1 bed at the same time. Jack: hey ZacZac: ya? Jack: wanna come over to my house and have sex? Zac: with you? Zac: you mean that hot chick that gave you that blowjob?

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Jack: ya Zac: i knew you were gay! It's a real mmf. Makes Me Fucking Sick!

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Mmf play

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