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Last Updated on April 22, Naming can be an extremely complicated task, particularly if you have too many people suggesting the same. You must be having quite a few names in your mind, but which one to choose could put you in dilemma. A name of the baby girl is extremely important, her name will stay with her for life.

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The name should have a meaning, which aptly captures the imagination and sounds good at the same time. To help you decide a name for your girl, take us take a look at hundred short and sweet baby girl names. Great short names for girls are not easy to find, but here is a list of girl names which might suit your. Short names for babies are becoming increasingly popular in the modern day, as they are stylish and easy to pronounce too. Short names will make it easy for your child to interact with a lot of people in the future, and ensure that she is always remembered by everyone who hears the name.

You can also use them as their nicknames. Good things do come in short packages and short names are being considered better than their longer alternatives. Short nicknames for girls used to be the norm in the earlier generations, as it was harder for people to address their child using her full name always.

The other option for parents was to give their child a short middle name, which would then complement a long first name. However, people are increasingly breaking away from this trend nowadays. Short names are becoming the first names, which add a unique effect whenever the name is pronounced. As they consist of few letters and not more than two syllables, the names have a powerful tone, and also have the adequate amounts of rhythm and simplicity that every name must have.

However, in your search for short names, do not just throw together two random sounds and call your child that — every name must have a meaning, something that the girl can relate with. This is where this list comes in handy — meanings to a name are a necessity, as it is such a huge part of who your child grows up to become. So, pick a short name with the perfect meaning, and empower your child for life!

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Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. All rights reserved. Goddess Singer, A famous female singer of popular music, a demanding and spoiled woman. Another name of Goddess Parvati, a night prayer, purity and a gift from God. It translates to Earth and is the daughter of Manu in Hindu mythology. The cooing of a bird or melodious,Pure;,Happy,Beloved pure ,Mine, pious, righteous. The tolerant one, Earth, another name of an Apsara in the Hindu Mythology.

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The personification of beauty, truth, and unity.

Hot indian girl names

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Unique Short Baby Girl Names With Meanings