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Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, submissivegames, dating This is the last post gearing up for my birthday tomorrow. I will be out and about tonight celebrating if anyone wants to in, starting about 9pm at Nantucket Prime Jared Coffin House and then moving about town from there. Come find us! Some of my favorite things are taboo subjects. One in particular is role playing; where someone is Dominant or Submissive and can even switch back and forth depending on the scene. This is a submissivegames subject because not everyone feels comfortable exploring this side of themselves.

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What type of person does this make me? What will people think?

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Will I like it and if I do, does that make me a freak? I would love to give some ground rules to help those that are curious about exploring more of their nature. I think most people would find this submissivegames helpful in their everyday lives. Just another added level in knowing yourself, knowing your limits and being aware of your surroundings and thoughts.

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They decide what they can take and what they will put up with. This can be useful for someone that is unsure of themselves, to gain that self-confidence. The Dom role is wonderful for someone who normally is shy. This role can help them come out of their comfort zone and call the shots. The key to this relationship is trust, respect and communication. Really anyone can explore which role submissivegames enjoy the most and where they feel more like themselves. There is a freedom to discovering this. Safe word: So important to have an agreed upon safe word for each person. Everyone has their limits and sometimes, even the Dom can reach theirs.

A breaking point has been reached in the game. Whoever called the safe word will be given a safe space to explore why something became a limit. The Dom should make sure the Sub knows that this is play and anything said or done during the play is a part submissivegames the game.

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This type of role playing can be very freeing and helpful on many different levels. Most people gain submissivegames great knowledge of who they are and what they want as long as they have a good partner that is on the same playbook. What do you think? Is this too kinky? Is this too much of a taboo subject and it should stay behind closed doors?

Or maybe you have rules you think would be helpful to other people? You can always comment below, or at [ protected]. View the discussion thread. Your .

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Testosterone promotes either dominance or submissiveness in the Ultimatum Game depending on players’ social rank