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It was not play boy or pent house. If she is not happyit is a big turn off for me. I've always loved the feel and look of my lips and when I was young I assumed all women had a pussy like I did I found out that this was not the case. I looked at the women in porn mags and found myself disappointed when they had a small thin barely there labia New Vids: LedZeppelin0.

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Vote Up 1 Vote Down yerl February 3. I have been totally obsessed with large labia since the age of 17 not quite 50 years ago after a trip to Sweden the first porn book I bought had a blond of course squatting with enormous dangling lips that pic burned its way into my retina. Over the years I collected the Magazine 'Lips' but once the internet came along i have downloaded 's of pics of girls with Hypertrophic Labia. To me there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman's vulva and the beauty of large labia. Thanked by 3 xxl4skin sgtbert himu. When I was 17 we had a sexy neighbour who was taking a sunbath in the garden.

I looked at her from my room upstairs large labia fetish I was doing my homework. She saw me and winked at me with her finger so I went downstairs to her garden. She offered me a drink inside, she was 35 I think and had very sexy legs. She asked me if I liked them and offered me to kiss them, which I did.

Then she put her underwear aside and showed me a beautiful meaty pussy, the first one I saw. I took her lips in my mouth, good lord she was delicious so I ate her until she came. She loved it and for two years that came, after school, I often spend time between her legs, making her cum and devouring her lips.

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She never let me do more than devouring her because she didn't want to be unfaithful to her husband who was always working, but good lord it was delicious so I never gave any compain but served her greedily and came in my pants haha. When I went to university and found a room near college, it stopped, but every time I visited my parents she gave me a bright loving smile, which made me hungry immediately. But what do you do with my large labia fetish around and her husband at home.

I never forget the beauty, the flavour of her love rose and when I think of her I have taste again. Thankfully life gave me beautiful girlfriends with amazing sey pussies. You ladies have an amazing delight down there.

Thanked by 3 sgtbert himu LabiaLover. Maybe I'm hardwired to like what's familiar :. Thanked by 2 sgtbert himu. Vote Up 0 Vote Down sgtbert February Vote Up 0 Vote Down xxl4skin February I was 12 and i see a Girl was stretch her Pussylips in a Magazin from my Father. This Time start up my Fetish Vote Up 0 Vote Down phound February 2. Vote Up 0 Vote Down krisfoen March Must have been about 18 or 19 when I first saw pics of larger labia in porn mags, and was obsessed since!

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I too remember the American porn mag called Lipps. Some amazing pussies in there!

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Wonder if anyone had the full collection of that - should be a collectors item! Vote Up 0 Vote Down himu March Thanked by 2 Montana LabiaLover. Large labia fetish Up 0 Vote Down sgtbert May Juicyruby I have to agree with You!!! Vote Up 0 Vote Down himu May I like the way you think Juicyruby :x Juicyruby said:.

Thanked by 1 Juicyruby. Interestingly enough, I was quit young. My mother was going to a house party and couldnt find a baby sitter, so she brought my brother and me along and put us to sleep in the owners room. Well needless to say, at 5 and 7 we did anything but sleep. So as we snooped through his stuff we came across some VHS titles that we were not familiar with. Being kids, we eagerly stuck them inside of the VCR. Now, at the time the moment was rather inificant large labia fetish I had no f'ing clue what the hell I was watching and couldnt understand why this guy was using his "wee wee" that way; little did I know this single moment would shape my deepest desires for the remainder of my life.

It was a classic 's style porno, I can remember the girl had curly brunette hair and was wearing a baby blue ascot and a garter. She donned tan lines that only children of the 60's fully appreciate and a bush that would give G. This particular actress and for the life of me I can not find out who she is or which porno this was, so if anybody has a clue, I would be eternally grateful to find this piece of my child hood again was sitting on a couch and spread her legs, toes pointed; for minutes the camera focused in on her beautiful labia which she proceeded to pull, tug, and stretch.

Moments later the male talent walks in and continue to pull on her succulent flesh drapes ass he penetrates her.

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A bit long winded, but that when I, unknowingly, became obsessed with large labia. Thanked by 2 himu LabiaLover. This discussion has been closed by an admin or has expired automatically. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! In Apply for Membership.

Large labia fetish

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