Dirty tags on instagram

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What was that Sue BZ? Are you, ahem… low whisper voice hiding something from us? Or have you not heard of the all-time greatest Insta-hack of all time? Is it? We all picked up a few tips from each other as well.

It was then that I learned the greatest and most not-talked-about Insta-hack ever. And yes, they all work, just fine. The few of us that know about it do it all the time. With every update, I keep waiting for the hammer to drop….

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Until now. Go ahead and delete just the but leave the words and then go back in and add the back. This is a common issue when I post FollowFriday or anything to the caption, really. Oh — and one little caveat…. Should you use all 60? You can, you definitely can. I personally see a big benefit in leaving yourself a breathing room.

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So, then you go back to a post you made last week and you want to edit the tags to include a new theme tag. There were theme tags that went on for a few weeks. Well…not so fast if you already maxed out your You could delete the comment with You could delete all 30 from your caption. No hashtags at all.

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Try to add even just ONE more hashtag. No dice. I need to do further testing to see how many you can actually get away with and be able to come back and edit, but for now, I am still using my dirty tags on instagram tags in my first comment, and any excess theme tags go into my caption. Read every blog post. You can use 60 hashtags. The video also has my workflow for editing hashtags from my list and also how to send a post to your engagement group. Have your 60 hashtags ready to roll, divided into two sets of 30 each in your Notes app.

Select and copy the 30 tags you wish to place in your first comment. Go ahead and type out your caption, geotag your location if usingtag people, etc. Go ahead and post that sucker. Now, go to your post. Click to comment and paste your 30 tags or Text Replacement Shortcut Phrase. Quickly tap on back to your Notes app. Select and copy your second set of 30 hashtags. Tap back to Instagram, and to your specific post. Click on those bad boys. Tap to put your cursor somewhere after your caption, tap to paste.

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Click Done to save your edited caption. There ya have it. Wait — before you rush over to Insta to give this a whirl, there is actually a strategy to which tags to use in your comment and which to use in your caption. This is valuable real estate.

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A warning… Oh — and one little caveat…. Learn to do Everything in Photoshop. Photoshop Actions, Overlays and Textures.

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Dirty tags on instagram

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