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Meet the upgrade to streaming! Introducing the CyberFlix TV App, an android application that truly is an end to all your streaming struggles.


Stream over thousands of Movies and TV shows anywhere, anytime with CyberFlix TV, and unlock the next best alternative to Netflix for free!

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CyberFlix App Information: 

CyberFlix TV is designed as an entertainment application. The app is available globally and has access to subtitles in over 235+ languages.

Version No.3.3.0
File size18.3MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 or Above

CyberFlix TV Features:

  • Wide range of Movies and TV shows at High-Quality resolution: Explore hot new content with CyberFlix TV as we bring you a wide variety of Movies and TV Shows. This app gives you access to limitless entertainment in high-quality resolutions. Starting from global genres to award-winning categories, we’ve got it all!
cyberflix movies
  • Subtitles in over 235+ languages: When we say there is a wide variety of movies and TV shows, we mean it! And to make sure you get the best of it all; we bring you subtitles in over 235+ languages to all regions. With us, language is never a boundary for entertainment!
multi languages
  • Now or Later? It’s your choice: We understand your busy schedule, we really do. That’s why we’ve introduced a new downloading option. Now you can either watch your favorite show immediately or download it to watch it later. Click a few buttons on your way to work or while in the shower, and your show will be ready for you when you’re ready to chill!
cyberflix movie selection
  • Ad-free is annoyance free: Don’t worry about irrelevant ads and pop-ups ruining your showtime, because the CyberFlix TV app is entirely Adfree!
ads free
  • Support Real-Debrid Integration: CyberFlix TV is programmed to support Real-Debrid accounts. The unrestricted downloader gives users many more options for entertainment. Click here for a quick read on the same.
cyberflix support real-debrid integration
  • Supportive Video players: CyberFlix supports various external video players to make sure you don’t face any hassle when you stream your shows.
support media players
  • Up-to-date, always: Keep up with the most recent movies and TV show releases in the entertainment industry, as we ping you with the latest updates!
cyberflix app updates
  • Less space, High speed: CyberFlix takes much lesser space compared to average video-streaming apps in the market while providing faster server speed and minimal to zero buffering.  
fast streaming
  • Absolutely Free: Yes, you read it right! A wide range of ad-free entertainment, low-space, and high speed brought to you for free!
cyberflix free
  • Frequent Internal App Updates: We stay updated ourselves, so we update the CyberFlix TV app frequently to suit the latest trends and styles in the market. Each version better than the last!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I download CyberFlix TV on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, CyberFlix TV is only available for Android users at the moment. While we work on getting this going for the iOS users, here’s a list of similar free movie apps that you can browse through.

Do I have to use a VPN?

CyberFlix TV does not mandatorily require you to use a VPN. However, we highly recommend that you use one. Governments and ISPs track and monitor their user’s online activities. Streaming copyrighted content via CyberFlix TV could lead to serious legal offense. Using a VPN could encrypt and hide your connection, thus protecting you and your device from legal and cyber threats. Further, many users have found using the Best VPN useful, as the use of a VPN can bypass certain regional restrictions, and you can avoid a blank screen.

How to download CyberFlix TV onto my Smart TV?

The steps of installing CyberFlix TV onto your Smart TV are very similar to installing it onto the FireStick. We recommend that you follow those simple steps to get CyberFlix onto your Smart TV. Click here to read how you can install CyberFlix onto Firestick or Fire TV.

How to download content via CyberFlix TV?

It’s simple to download content via CyberFlix, here’s a quick read how!

1. Find your desired movie or show title. (You can also click here to refer to how to use CyberFlix if you want)
2. Select a source depending on the quality and file size and click on the preferred link
3. Click “Download” on the drop-down menu that appears
4. The video will begin downloading soon after. You can check its status in the download tab. Once the download is complete, it will move the file to the “Finished” tab, where it will remain stored.   Note: Always make sure there’s enough space to avoid a failed download!

Is CyberFlix legal?

Yes, CyberFlix is 100% legal. However, certain content may be illegal. You can avoid streaming illegal content by sticking to the movies and TV shows available in our public domain.

How to integrate Real–Debrid with CyberFlix?

Integrating CyberFlix with Real-Debrid, an unrestricted downloader will provide users with many more options for entertainment.  Here’s how to integrate your Real-Debrid account with CyberFlix.

1. Disconnect VPN before the following steps. 
2. Register to a Real-Debrid account if you haven’t already. It only costs around $5 a month.
3. Find the settings toggle and navigate “Settings”
4. Scroll down and click “Login to Real-Debrid Account”
5. Note down the code that appears on the screen
6. Launch your internet browser and go to
7. Type in the code that you had noted down earlier and click continue You should receive an authorized message from Real-Debrid. This will give you access to more HQ videos with buffer-free playback.


Finally, CyberFlix is one of the best streaming apps compare to other streaming apps in the market. The main reason for that is providing great features like user interface, high-quality videos, and secure, etc. Share this informative article with others so that they can also know about this useful app available for streaming on various devices.


We are not the official developers of the CyberFlix APK, and not associated with its developers. If you any issues with the application, contact the app developer via social account ( Twitter ).